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Chongqing International Artists Workshop 2011

Deze workshop was uiteindelijk de bestemming van de reis die Charlotte Mumm in China ondernam.
“We had a fantastic time: interesting artists, fun evenings, helpful and friendly organization, intensive working, crazy city Chongqing, delicious and spicy Sichuan food, intriguing art works…..”

Chongqing skyline

Media Perspective International workshop in Chongqing that has led to an exhibition in the Organhaus Art Space . During the workshop each artist presented their works in an evening lecture series. This workshop and program is curated and managed by Yang Shu (China) and Ursula Panhans-Bühler (Germany).

Video works and drawings by Julia Oschatz

Stefan Ruissen

Jon Moscow (before burning)                       wallpainting by Gregor Gleiwitz 

Charlotte Mumm (neon lights, Leporello folds, wall drawing)Studer&van den Berg

Charlotte Mumm, drawing on paper, 2 Leporello folds

The 2011 Organhaus International Artist Workshop is co-sponsored and organized by the German Goethe Institute, ‘Organhaus Art Space’ and other related arts organizations.
lecture evenings at the Organhaus

Sichuan food

Moving art here

Charlotte Mumm (Netherlands/Germany) Stefan Ruissen (Netherlands) Norbert Bayer (Germany) Allan Dorr (Germany/USA) Gregor Gleiwitz (Germany) Jon Moscow (Germany/UK) Kai Müller (Germany) Julia Oschatz (Germany) Sonya Schönberger (Germany) Michael Shenbrot (Germany/Russia) Alexej Tchernyi (Germany/Russia) Wu Zhi (Germany/China) Monica Studer and Christoph van den Berg  (Switzerland) Christof Zwiener (Germany)

董勋 Dong Xun(China)李明+林科(双飞艺术中心)Li Ming+Lin Ke Double Fly Art Center(China)刘波+李郁 Liu BO+Li Yu (China)马杰 Ma Jie (China) 沈朝方 Shen Chaofang(China)陶辉 Tao Hui (China)王我 Wang Wo (China)徐渠 Xu Qu (China)赵要 Zhao Yao (China)

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