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Loud & Bright, Purple Birds & Blue Eyed Bitches Dancing

A Task for Poetry #2 @ Onomatopee, Eindhoven

What exactly is poetic in art, how can this be envisioned and experienced and how can one bring this out to the public?

Erik Spinoy (dichter/curator), Tamara Van San (kunstenaar) en Remco van Bladel (graphic design)


Tamara_van_San_Onomatopee8 Tamara_van_San_Onomatopee3 Tamara_van_San_Onomatopee2

Tamara van San

A Task for Poetry #3 met Maria Barnas (dichter/curator), Amalia Pica (kunstenaar) en Felix Weigand (graphic design) opent op 20 juni.

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