Digging up ..Monica Tormell

De eerste week van onze tentoonstellingstriptiek Digging up the Rhizome bij circa..dit in Arnhem zit er bijna op. Tijd om de kunstenaars uit deze eerste tentoonstelling aan het woord te laten. Vandaag, Ladies first, een email gesprek met de Zweedse kunstenares Monica Tormell.

5uur…!!!: Je vertelde eerder dat je (geregeld) naar Zweden vertrekt om in rust en afzondering werk te maken. Natuur komt dan ook in werk voor als beeld, als materiaal of als natuurkundig verschijnsel. Welke invloed heeft natuur op je creativiteit en wat doet een stadse omgeving met je?

Monica: In the Swedish woods I can wander and think, observe and collect material. It’s a primitive state where my senses are fully activated. Daily walks feeds me with small happenings and interventions, it’s like an on-going performance in the woods, always similar but never the same. The compositions and colours are always changing. I’m on my own and there are no interruptions. The city is a place where I (in my studio) work out ideas and make works, here things gets entwined and put in a new context. The city offers a lot of input from other people doing stuff, you get fed from exhibitions, concerts, events etc. It’s a social place. The contrast of the forest and the city evokes different stages of a working process. I also make music and for that being alone somewhere (that’s almost impossible in a city) is a crucial start.


5uur…!!!: Wanneer je met nieuw werk op je omgeving reageert, bv tijdens je residentie op Curaçao, zijn het anekdotes, tradities die je beïnvloeden of observeer en combineer je vanuit je eigen ervaring?

 Monica: I want to experience a place and use what’s around me. This goes from all aspects; social, historical, meteorological, musical and material. Of course it goes through you own mash-filter and comes out more personal than general. I see it as a challenge and adventure, to be open and see what you can do with it. A place like Curacao has really rough weather conditions with the heat and the burning sun. It challenges you physically but it also works as a collaborator (or enemy) that evaporates, dries and reflects your materials. That for me is interesting, how it effects you whether you go with it or fight it.

Interview MONICA-1

5uur…!!!: De solotentoonstelling in Krets, Malmö had je de titel ‘I belong nowhere’ gegeven. Denk je dat identiteit aan een bepaalde plaats gebonden moet zijn?

Monica: No, it doesn’t have to but I think it very often is. You have your roots somewhere, you come from somewhere that feels real and not like a dream-like memory. It’s a part of you, it has shaped you. I grew up in a town that I have no contact or relation with since I was 15. Time blurs out a lot of things, I try to draw road maps in my mind; how to get from point A to B, how far was it? the scale of the mountain I used to sit upon looking down at cars passing by (throwing snow balls at them in the winter, being chased by angry man), my home address and telephone number, my room, smells, was it real? Some people have parents that still live in the same house they grew up in, their room might have been turned in to a hobby room or something like that but it’s still there, everything. I can imagine there’s something very comforting about that….. but maybe it’s not at all, what do I know.

5uur…!!!: Haakt je werk of je ideeën aan bij wat elders op de wereld gebeurt?

 Monica: Yes a lot, but not specifically on what’s going on right now. Have to apply some rhizomatic thinking on this one. Time and space are more floating.

Interview MONICA-4

5uur…!!!: Je bent niet alleen beeldend kunstenaar maar treedt ook als sing-songwriter op in Moon&Sun. Zijn dat twee verschillende rollen of overlappen beeldende ideeën met je tekst en geluid?

 Monica: For me it’s the same, it comes from the same place and interest. Moon & Sun is an expression of atmospheres and places as much as my visual work. I mainly travel in-between Sweden, Curacao and Amsterdam and so does the sound.

Interview MONICA-2

5uur…!!!:Je was bezig met een audio/visual performance voor het Muziekgebouw in Amsterdam. Kun je al een tipje van de sluier lichten wat je laat horen en zien?

 Monica: I don’t want to say too much about this yet, but I’m working on an audio/visual performance. I want to bring my visual work together with my sonic work, interlace them. The (initial) presentation will be in the Muziekgebouw aan’ t Ij in February and later on I will tour with this set-up.

5uur…!!!: Thank you! Keep us posted on your touring dates!

Interview MONICA-3

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